Bridging the Gap For Small Business Phone Service

A lot of companies-be it small sized company or medium sized company are using a small business phone service system to help them have their requirements met. Telecommunication companies provide services not only to small and medium sized companies, but also to huge companies that have many networks. Over the past few years, business phone services have quite improved technologically. With added features and a much better system compared to the old analog phone system, such services can prove to be very valuable in business. But, for some reasons, small sized businesses do not have the ample amount of resources to purchase these kinds of features in a service. And with the development of Voice over Internet Protocol telephony, the difference between the needs of small businesses and products available on the market seems to expand.Advanced materials and equipments have been developed through the years, and having it cost lesser has also been one of the primary objectives of the providers in terms of selling their products. In addition to that, reduction of prices for new and better features has been slowly increasing. But still, due to large support and efficiency for some business phone system that has all the features, small business phone service companies can barely afford these kinds of features/services. Compared to other office gadgets or equipments, prices of small phone business systems did not change. Many small companies do not have much choice but to create and develop a particular business phone system with custom built telephone lines, answering devices and some other services from an expensive telephone company. Bigger phone systems are by far, more effective and efficient, with features like call answering systems, voice messaging and call forwarding that can greatly increase the proficiency of any company. However, small business phone service companies have been considered the leading industries in the economic growth of a country. Small businesses, like any of its large correspondents, need a more advanced telephone system to be able to grow and excel more as a successful business company.In the United States, small businesses are still using the conventional single line phone system suitable for small business phone service. Apparently, some phone systems having state of the art technology offers five to twenty phone lines. Recently, many business phone services have surfaced in the market. They offer lots of new service features, some even with network solutions and advanced security system to prevent intrusions in a network. With the present technological advancement that this generation has, it is safe to say that many other features for business phone solutions are being developed right now even as you read this article. It is also safe to assume that much more and better features will come out in the near future. But still, the fact remains that full featured services are just too expensive for a small and growing company.

Have The Policies Of the Obama Administration Killed Our Small Business Growth Engine?

Perhaps you are a small business person, and you are like me; when you hear a politician tell us they are for us little guys, you just cringe. It appears to me after decades of watching their lips move that they could care less about us, and would rather continue to get their campaign war chests filled by their large corporate lobbyist piggy banks. Okay, let’s talk.You see, there was an interesting article in Reuters on February 1, 2016 titled; “U.S. small business borrowing sank in 2015: PayNet,” by Ann Saphir. The article stated:”What started as a full gallop in 2015 is barely trotting along now, said Bill Phelan, President of PayNet; “We are barely replacing worn-out assets here.” Small Company borrowing is a key barometer of growth because it is the little firms that tend to do much of the hiring that fuels economic growth. Lending slowed sharply to small businesses in mining and agriculture, as well as in wholesale trade, transportation and construction, the figures showed. Texas was particularly hard hit.”So, what’s the Obama Administration’s answer to this vexing problem, oh something typical of the way they run things and adjust their economic data (like employment figures) just change the definition of “Small Business” for instance there was an article in Government Executive online news on January 29, 2016 titled; “SBA Finalizes New Business Size Standards,” written by Charles S. Clark which stated:”The new size standards will enable nearly 1,650 more businesses in those industries to obtain or retain small company status; will give federal agencies a larger pool of smaller companies from which to choose for their procurement programs; and will make more small businesses eligible for SBA’s loan programs,” SBA said in a release.”Okay but, smaller companies do not want to borrow money, why? They don’t trust the system, the future, the economy, this administration, or future regulations due to a socialist population base mindset and evil-one percent hatred motif, nor would I as a former franchisor. This new size standard change would include businesses over 150 employees and the “SBA estimates that more than 8,400 additional businesses will gain small business status under the adjusted size standards and become eligible for SBA’s financial and federal government procurement programs,” the agency said. “These changes can possibly lead to $150 million to $200 million in additional federal contracts and 80 additional loans, totaling about $30 million, to small businesses.”Great news right, well not so fast. You see, these larger firms will get Federal Contracts that small businesses, real ones cannot get, meaning fewer mom and pop businesses getting money from the Federal Government in our ever increasing government-run economy, not free-market run economy. This is no solution, this is just stupidity worsening the real problem is search of political expediency. Please consider all this and think on it.